Our Program

Our Program

Bridges Virtual is unique in that it allows every child to remain a student of their home district. Students receive a district diploma and have access to district support services. Bridges students will also have the opportunity to participate in after school activities and athletics.



Bridges Virtual offers online courses through Pearson Education, Apex Learning, Edgenuity, K12 (Full-Time and Elementary students only) and FuelEd (Part-time 8-12 students only). All students receive instruction and support from each provider in addition to the support of Student Programming Assistant.

Bridges works with each enrolling district to determine the best courses based on the student’s needs.  Our Course Listings for each provider can be found here.



Please contact your home district if you are interested in enrolling your child in Bridges Virtual courses. Your child must be currently enrolled as a student in your home district. If you need any assistance please contact Bridges Virtual at bridges@bucksiu.org.

Bridges Virtual will work with your child’s guidance counselor or school administrator to determine which courses best fit your child’s needs.