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About Us

The Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22 and the Quakertown Community School District are excited to announce a new online learning partnership called Bridges Virtual Education Services. Bridges Virtual is now bringing a variety of high-quality online learning options to school districts throughout Pennsylvania.

The mission of this partnership is to assist school districts with the implementation or refinement of their own virtual education programs. The overall goal is to strengthen the existing academic program of each school district by providing agile learning environments that promote individualized learning paths for students.

Bridges Virtual staff will work closely with members of your staff to develop the practices, procedures, and policies necessary to implement or refine a comprehensive virtual learning program that addresses regular credit acquisition, credit recovery, early intervention, remediation, enrichment, home-bound instruction, summer school, and hard-to-fill courses. Perhaps the most exciting piece to this process is the development of online courses (to be taught by your teachers) that mirror the content, rigor, and pacing that currently exists in your school district’s face-to-face courses. Your customized program will be designed to meet the needs of your school district allowing students to transition seamlessly back and forth from face-to-face to online learning environments. Of course, professional development regarding all aspects of the implementation will be included.

As you begin the process of implementing a virtual learning program in your school district, your students may immediately take advantage of Bridges Virtual online course offerings. Several options for individual student enrollments are available allowing you to choose the option that suits your needs.

If your district is currently offering online courses, or if your district is considering ways to provide similar services, please review the information on this website to determine if Bridges Virtual could be of assistance to you. Please also feel free to contact Tony Carty (Supervisor of Cyber Education) or Pamela Newman Dinan (Supervisor of Education) if you have any questions regarding the services of Bridges Virtual.

Tony Carty, Supervisor of Cyber Education K-12
Bridges Virtual Education Services
(215) 529-2045
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Pamela Newman Dinan, Supervisor of Education
Bridges Virtual Education Services
(215) 348-2940 x1607
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